The Yorkshire Post

2015-03 / Menston, UK

I sometimes use a program (mapcrunch) to drop me on to a random google street view somewhere in the world. It's a fun way to travel to virtually unknown places. A way to travel without the tourism.Anyway, once, I was dropped off in a little town called Menston in Yorkshire, England. If I found a place at all appealing, I would draw it out to practice my drawings. This was one such place.Years later, I got the opportunity to travel around England and, while I was there, I decided to take a day and travel all the way up to this town and see, in person, the place I had drawn on that random event. It was a pretty surreal moment, really.Sadly, the shop wasn't open as it was Sunday, so I guess I'll just have to revisit it. I did find an amazing cemetery just a few feet away though!